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How To Bet On NBA Games: 2022 Betting Tips

Basketball is one of the most spectacular games in the world. There are several reasons behind its popularity: it’s fast-paced, fun, heart-throbbing, easy to play, affordable, and accessible. 

Having a never-before-seen amount of fan base and worldwide coverage, some players have gained momentum. As a result, they attracted even more fans, who are dreaming to become the next Joel Embiid or Kevin Durant. And we can hardly blame them.

The most prominent league in the basketball games world is NBA (National Basketball Association). Considering the NBA’s popularity, it would be a shame to miss out on such a great event. Sports enthusiasts will be offered an extensive list of NBA games to bet on till July. NBA betting can be a lucrative and entertaining activity. So get in on the act by familiarizing yourself with the teams, online betting market, and basketball odds.

How to Bet on NBA

NBA can offer exciting gambling opportunities. If you don’t have enough hands-on experience in basketball betting, this quick overview will be helpful.

Moneyline Betting

To start with, you have Moneyline betting—a common market in a lot of sports. It’s the most straightforward way, you simply choose the winning team and wager on it. As in all games, there is a favored team and an underdog. Of course, backing underdogs can be risky but many bettors go for it after conducting their research because of higher payouts.

Point Spread Betting

Coming next is Point Spread which is a handicap system betting. It’s very much like the football handicap. Usually, in any sporting event, the teams are not evenly matched. This option gives the underdogs advantage and makes the favored team a ‘handicap’ before the match kicks off.

Parlay Bets

Parlays are an exciting option. Here, bettors can combine several wagers on one betting slip. The bet allows you to bundle two or more wagers on one slip. For example, you can have a Moneyline bet + Points Spread Total and more. But this market is a little bit tricky because if you lose any of the bets on the slip, you will lose the entire bet.

Prop Bets

Prop (or proposition) bets are common in a wealth of sports. It spices up the game, and many punters choose this option to make the betting experience more thrilling. You can bet on any situation during the game: how many assets will get a certain player, how many points a team will get in the first half, how many rebounds will happen, etc. 

Live Betting


Another option is Live Betting. This is for the risk-takers. You bet on the game, which has already started and is in progress. This betting market requires a good knowledge of the team players and the ability to act on instinct.

While these are good to start with, there are other betting markets you can research and keep a close eye on.

NBA Betting Tips

Before getting started with your betting journey, here are a couple of golden rules you should follow.

Choose a Licensed Operator

First and foremost, make sure you gamble with a licensed operator. In some countries, the betting industry is well regulated, while in others, not so much. Playing with a licensed operator increases the level of safety so a licensed sportsbook is the top requirement for responsible wagering.

Here are examples of some professional organizations giving online gambling licenses: Gambling Board of Tanzania, Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, Curacao E-Gaming Licencing Authority Netherlands Antilles,  Alderney, and more.

Don’t Follow the Buzz

Second, don’t follow the buzz, be smart. Some bettors may blindly follow the favored team or player but don’t forget that going against the majority can sometimes be the best reply. Always do your research and follow your intuition and knowledge for placing the best bet possible.

Bankroll Management

It’s absolutely crucial to have bankroll management. You can’t expect to win every single bet. Have set limits for wagering and continue playing only if you are confident about the result. Wager wisely to stay solvent.


Stay Tuned

And last but not least, bet according to the past record. Some teams play several games in a row, players may sit out due to injury or other reasons. You must constantly stay tuned and reasonable.

With all this insight at hand, you can enjoy your betting experience with no regrets.

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