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During the first day of the forum that was championed by the Namtumbo District Commissioner Hon. Ngollo Ng’waniduhu Malenya as a guest of honour, Hon. Ngollo stated that the forum is a beacon of hope and potential for the district, aims to showcase the untapped potential of the Namtumbo District which also serves as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas that can propel the district towards sustainable development.

Mantra, as a key player in the district, fully participated in the forum, shedding light on the potential benefits that the community stands to gain from the development of the Mantra project.

The Hon. Ngollo Malenya, Namtumbo District Commissioner, addressing the Namtumbo Business Forum to promote investment opportunities in the district.

Expressing his gratitude to the Namtumbo District Commissioner for organizing the Namtumbo Kihenge forum for 2023, Majani Moremi Wambura Mantra’s Sustainability Manager highlighted the advantages of the project, which include employment opportunities and various business prospects as a multiplier effect of the mining sector development.

“The Mantra project is not just about mining uranium,” Majani explained to the delegates. “It’s about creating a ripple effect of opportunities that will benefit the entire community. From direct employment in the project to indirect jobs created by the demand for goods and services, the project is a catalyst for economic growth.”

In addition to the economic benefits, Majani also outlined Mantra’s commitment to the community through its CSR activities. He shared the company’s CSR strategy for 2023-2028, a comprehensive plan that focuses on education, health, environmental conservation, and community development.

“Our CSR strategy is not just about giving back to the community,” Majani said. “It’s about empowering the community to take charge of its development. We want to create a sustainable model of development that will continue to benefit the community long after the project is completed.”

Majani Moremi Wambura, Mantra’s Sustainability Manager, addressing the audience at the Namtumbo Kihenge Forum that took place on September 21 and 22, 2023.

Mantra’s commitment to the community extends beyond its CSR activities. The company is one of the main sponsors of the Namtumbo Kihenge forum this year, and it has pledged to continue supporting such constructive forums and programs that positively impact the district, regional, and country’s economy.

“We believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement,” Majani said. “By supporting forums like the Namtumbo Kihenge, we are fostering a culture of dialogue and innovation that will drive the district’s development.”

As Mantra Tanzania Limited continues to develop its uranium project, it remains committed to its promise of supporting the Namtumbo District through its CSR activities and support for community initiatives.

At the Namtumbo Kihenge Business Forum 2023, Mantra Tanzania Limited was awarded by the Namtumbo District Council office as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contribution to the event. The company has a long-standing commitment to community involvement, and their participation in this forum is a continuation of their efforts to boost the region’s economy. This recognition serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

During the Kihenge Forum, Hon. Vita Rashid Kawawa, a Member of Parliament for the Namtumbo constituency, emphasized the importance of Namtumbo residents utilizing the forum to attract investors in the agriculture and mining sectors. The district has the potential to contribute to the country’s economy greatly.

During a recent forum, Hon. Kwawa requested assistance from government authorities to support Mantra’s uranium mining project in the district. He believes that with increased efforts from the government, the project could run for at least 15 years and contribute to 20% of Africa’s uranium output and 4% of the world’s production. Hon. Kwawa is confident that the government has the ability to resolve any issues that are preventing the project from commencing.

During the 2023 Namtumbo Kihenge forum at the Mantra Mine site visit, Mantra’s Maintenance Superintendent Fabian Nkokoo explains how uranium mining will take place once the mine is operational.

Mantra recently organized a mining tour for 150 people from the Namtumbo business forum, led by the Namtumbo DC. The tour aimed to educate people on the operations of uranium mining and showcase the safety precautions taken by Mantra during its operations. The tour took place at Mantra’s uranium mining site located within the Nyerere National Park, which is approximately 54km away from the residents’ houses and about 140km away from the Namtumbo Center

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