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IWPG Tanzania Branch, Women’s Peace Education Lecturer (PLTE) Instructor Certification Ceremony

– Produced the first IWPG Women peace lecturers in Tanzania

– Expected to spread peace education through training of lecturers

By our Correspondent

IWPG Global Region 2 (Regional Director, Lee Seo-yeon) announced that the Tanzania branch held the ‘Women’s Peace Lecturers (PLTE) Instructor Certificate Conferment Ceremony’ on the 24th with about 60 people in attendance. Frida Sebastian Ombella, Lilian Msaki, Mkanibwa Magoti Ngoboka, and Pendo Addie, who received lecturer certificates on this day, are currently active as peace lecturers.

The event started with watching the opening video, followed by congratulatory speechs by Director Lee Kyu-sun (Peace Education Department of IWPG Headquarters) and Regional Director of Global region 2 Lee Seo-yeon, IWPG lecturer’s guidelines, lecturer certificate presentation ceremony, and interviews with lecturers who received certificates.

Women’s Peace Lecturer Training (PLTE) is that peace begins with ‘I’ and spreads to the family, neighbors, society, nation, and the world. Since women have a strong power to achieve sustainable peace, the key is for us women to teach peace and spread peace with that power.

Mkanibwa Magoti Ngoboka (Iringa chairman of the peace committee) said, “I am grateful that I became an IWPG peace lecturer, and will spread peace to women in Tanzania and around the world and train many peace lecturers. More I plan to provide peace education to universities and various organizations,” she said about her vision as a peace lecturer.

Lilian Msaki (Irusha chairman of the peace committee/Health Africa/Regional Representative) said, “I am grateful to be a member of the IWPG because I love peace and there is a wish for peace in my heart. We will talk and we will never give up until peace is achieved.”

Pendo Addie (Dar es Salaam Branch Manager, IWPG) said,  “I wanted to learn more about peace because I love peace and want everything to be peaceful, and I tried to finish all the courses without giving up. Being a woman and a mother, I have increased my knowledge to bring peace to all Tanzania regions.”

Director Lee Gyu-seon said, “You are the seeds of peace in Tanzania. Starting with you, I hope that peace will blossom in Tanzania. Furthermore, I hope that you will play a leading role in bringing about the wind of peace not only in Tanzania but also around the world.”

Regional Director of Global Region 2 Lee Seo-yeon said, “Just as darkness can only be defeated through light, war and conflict can be eliminated only through learning and practicing peace, not force and fear.”

As the IWPG Tanzania Dar es Salaam branch is about to officially register with the Tanzania government, expectations are high for training women peace leaders in Tanzania.

Meanwhile, IWPG is an NGO with Special Consultative Status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and a women’s peace organization registered with the Department of Global Communications (DGC). IWPG’s vision is to protect precious lives from war and to pass down peace as a legacy to future generations with a mother’s heart. carrying out peace activities. To achieve, it is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and is actively engaged in peace activities in solidarity with about 110 branches and 500 cooperative organizations

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