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4 Most Successful African Teams in FIFA World Cup History

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most celebrated football tournaments globally. Attracting millions across the globe, the 2022 edition was fascinating as Argentina trumped France in an exhilarating final.

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most celebrated football tournaments globally. Attracting millions across the globe, the 2022 edition was fascinating as Argentina trumped France in an exhilarating final. The world cup also presents opportunities for punters to stake on international fixtures on top bookmakers like SportingBet and get attractive bonuses as detailed at https://www.telecomasia.net/za/sports-betting/reviews/sportingbet/login/.

The last edition also saw an African team get to the semifinal. Morocco made history when they beat a Portugal side exquisitely furnished with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, becoming one of the most successful African sides in FIFA history.

But aside from Morocco, which other African nations have enjoyed the most success in the FIFA World Cup?

4. Cameroon

For a long time, we have always ranked the Cameroon national football team, The Indomitable Lions, below the Super Eagles. Sure, we have been correct this while, but that doesn’t mean Cameroon doesn’t pull strings in international football competitions.

The Indomitable Lions enjoyed a breakthrough in the FIFA competition in 1990 when they finished 7th in the quarter-finals.

However, since 1990, they have failed to cross that set record. They have only gone further to continue finishing in the first round in subsequent competitions.

3. Senegal

Of course, the Lions of Teranga are feared across the universe for their wealth of premium African talents. If you check out some African international football competitions, you will definitely find Senegal achieving a good spot.

But on the other hand, we still see them somewhere in the middle of the ranks. Surprisingly, the Lions of Teranga made significant progress in the FIFA World Cup, even better than some of the African teams we held in high esteem.

Senegal has competed thirteen times for the top spot in the FIFA World Cup competition and only made it past the qualifying levels three times. But in those three times they qualified, they made it to the first, second, and quarter-final rounds.

2002 was a moment for the Lions of Teranga as they finished seventh place in the quarter-finals. But after 2002, we watched them not qualify. And when they qualified, they got kicked out of the competition in the first round in 2018 and the second round in 2022.

2. Ghana

Ghana has been one of the strongest African countries in football. The Black Stars are one of the teams not to mess with in African international football competitions.

If you look through records, titles, and awards, we are sure you will spot Ghana or Ghanaian football players among the top.

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup competitions for us, we would have put Ghana and Senegal on par.

But one has to get the second spot, right? Okay, the main deal here is that Senegal and Ghana both made it to the quarter-finals, second and first round, but Ghana qualified four times out of trying fourteen times—which tops Senegal.

For Ghana, we saw them finish in the second round in 2006, which was their first qualifying year. The next time we saw them was in 2010 when they got eliminated in the second knockout round.

It was something to celebrate as they were making progress. But in the next years, we watched them get stuck in the first round.

1. Morocco

Finally, the top on our list is Morocco. Of course, they have a powerful team, The Atlas Lions, but they are never too heard of like Nigeria and Ghana.

Like other African national football teams in the FIFA World Cup competitions, The Atlas Lions always finished in the first and second knockout rounds (finishing in the second round more often). But in 2022, they had a big break!

Morocco has been one of the strongest teams, with six qualifying spots in fifteen times trying.

Fast forward to their big moment, they made a great impression by ditching finishing in the first and second rounds to coming out fourth in the most recent FIFA World Cup competition (2022).

The victory was peculiar because they labored through to the quarter-finals, beating elite sides like Portugal and Spain!

Surprisingly, they are the only African country that has achieved this feat, which leaves the big African names in the mud.

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