Best Sports Markets Available at Betting Tanzania Sites


If you’re new to online sports betting in Tanzania, it’s advisable to know the different types of sports betting markets available at top bookmakers. The number and variety of bets will depend on the bookmaker you’re using and the sports that are offered by the bookmaker. The bets range from points spread, even/odd, over/under, etc. and will have different odds. So, what are some of the best types you can place at leading Tanzania betting sites? They include:

Moneyline Bet

This is the most popular among online gamblers who enjoy sports betting in Tanzania because it’s easy to place. Punters are required to predict the outcome of a specific match at full time to win. The downside is that the risk may not be well-distributed between the playing teams. The amount to be won will depend on the listed odds.

Total Bets

These are common bets which are popularly referred to as over/under by some bookmakers. The bet requires you to predict whether the game being played will end with goals under or over a certain scoreline. The total score of the game can be calculated by adding together the scores of both teams that participated.

Future Bets

With the future market, you bet on the math that is scheduled to occur further in the future. While many future bets involve who will win the Championship, you are allowed to place bets on the MVP or on the team that will make the final four. The weakness of future bets is that your money will be limited for the duration of the season, that’s why it’s not recommended to stake all your bankroll.

Handicap Bets

This bet is popular and can be applied in all types of sports by experienced punters. The handicap bet works exactly as it sounds, where the favourite team is placed on the handicap situation. You are required to predict the team that will lead when the handicap goal is added or subtracted from the final score.

Reverse Bets

These types of bets are a combination of all possible ‘if bets’ for the match that you select to include in the bet. The number of games you are allowed to bet often range from three to six games. Choosing three games in for your reverse bet means that you’re charged six times the wager for the six possible ‘if bet’ combinations.
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